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Treating your customers with RESPECT!

Once we receive your request for a new preliminary notice we start by verifying the critical information. This may include a phone call to the General Contractor to confirm that they are in fact the Contractor who is contracted with the property owner or tenant, for the referenced project. We also will confirm that the General has your customer listed as a valid sub for the referenced project.
Prior to calling the General we confirm the property information for the project and verify the property owner by performing a title search. Upon our call with the General we verify that they are the General for the project and that they are contracted by the property owner as listed on title for the property. We also confirm the Lender or Bonding Agent if one is declared for the project.

The scope of our research is driven by several objectives:

#1   To secure at least two references, which validate the information needed to make sure the notice is complete and valid.

#2   To verify the order of the relationships between the property owner and you so that all who need to be served are in fact served.

#3   To confirm that the addresses listed in the notice are valid and will allow us to facilitate a successful service.

When we call anyone regarding the notice being processed we identify our self as “CRM calling on behalf of:” or “That we have been requested to prepare the construction related notices for the specific project on behalf of:”

We never make statements or use words that could mislead the person being contacted, to believe that we are you or any of our clients. We are always courteous and professional. Our tone is one of appreciation and sincerity. We are never rude, demanding, or inconsiderate of the contact. Should someone we are calling become upset at the caller for unfounded reason, we immediately offer apologies and explain that it is not our intent to cause any problems for them or our clients. We will always explain to those who may be skeptical that the purpose of the call is to make sure that all documents are served in accordance with the laws of the state and that they are completed accurately and sent to all who must receive a copy. We also will offer to share with the contact ways that they may protect themselves if they are concerned about the potential effect of the notice.

Of course, there is always the possibility of contacting someone who refuses to hear what is being said, does not care about the tone or professionalism of the caller, and just decides to take exception. In this situation we politely excuse ourselves, apologize for any misconceptions as to the purpose for our call, and disengage.

CRM has been providing this service to over 4000 clients nationally, for 30 years and we have learned how to listen to the people we contact. We know that we are your service and that our behavior may be a reflection upon you. For that reason alone we train our people on respect, courtesy, and professionalism.

Trust is something that must be earned. We take great care to earn trust from our customers and from all whom we contact. When you choose CRM you are choosing a partner that will always display a very high level of professionalism at all times.

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