Documents Done Right!

Why use a Notice Service?

The choice is driven by making a decision about the best solution to protect your construction project related accounts receivables. How should you manage this RISK?

Here are a few options:

  1. Do it yourself
    1. Nothing to stop you. Just prepare and serve the correct notice on or before the date required by law. And follow up, follow up, follow up and  . . .
  2. Hire an attorney
    1. This is ideal providing you are willing to pay for this process being performed by legal professionals at prevailing rates!
  3. Hire a local or regional based service
    1. If all your business is conducted in a small geographic area, you may not need more than a local service
  4. Utilize a small division of a National Association
    1. This will broaden the scope of coverage to allow a greater geographic area. But is the service as dedicated to a quality notice process as an attorney or perhaps a local service?

These are all viable considerations for choosing a lien RIGHTS protection process. However, once you examine each of these options carefully you should find one common characteristic:

"You will get what you pay for".

These options may offer the highest level of integrity or the epitome of compromise. Unless you know the reputation of the company or  person, any outcome is possible.

Of course, there is another option:

CRM LIEN SERVICES, INC. A National Company, with 30+ years experience, dedicated solely to the research, preparation and serving of mechanics liens and related documents. With over 4,000 clients who will validate the value, accuracy, integrity, professionalism and effectiveness of using one of the most trusted names in the industry, CRM delivers