About Us

We Are Passionate About Helping
Companies Save Time and Get Paid

We know the unique risks that contractors and material suppliers face. Unfortunately, business can’t be done on a handshake anymore. The construction industry is filled with fear, uncertainty and doubt –  where contracts and promises can come back void if the project is compromised. Many construction companies are looking to expand their business, but are crippled by the stress and worry of extending credit to new customers. You should be able to do work and get paid and it shouldn’t be so difficult.

At CRM, we are passionate about helping contractors and material suppliers get paid what they are due. We love making the process of securing lien rights simple and stress-free. 

We have been helping contractors and material suppliers get paid and save time for over 30 years. We have processed half a million notices and thousands of liens and bond claims. We know the ins-and-outs of lien law in all 50 states. We have provided consistent and excellent service for the past 3 decades, and we have no plans of stopping any time soon.