CRM Lien Services will research, prepare, and serve your notice(s) based on receiving your request for service.

You may choose from any of the following options to submit your request to CRM for processing:

  • CRM onLine Request Forms (available from this website)
  • CRM proprietary Microsoft Word Templates (available when you open a CRM Account)
  • CRM “Notice Specific” FAX Request Forms (available from FAX:714-528-0844)
  • CRM “prelimNOW” Construction Notice Management Software (Contact CRM at 714-524-0844)
  • Or simply by placing your CRM account number on Your “In House” job order, which includes the basic information needed to begin the researching of your notice, and faxing or emailing it to CRM.

CRM invoices customers with a open CRM Account at the end of each month for all notices prepared and served during the month.

CRM will taylor your monthly Statement/Invoice to best accommodate your records management and accounts payable processing requirements.

If your needs for CRM Services are infrequent, you may consider using our online Credit Card or PayPal Options to order your notices on an “as needed” basis.

No matter which method you choose to conduct business with CRM, you can be sure that every notice will be processed using the following CRM business model:



CRM will conduct a thorough search of the information provided by the customer to gather all the needed information required by State Statue to properly complete the preliminary notice.



CRM may use additional resources to verify that the information provided by the resources used in the search process can be validated.



CRM will prepare your notices using the most current versions of the specified document. CRM will “Triple Check” your notice for accuracy and completeness prior to serving.



CRM will serve your preliminary notice within complete compliance of the respective Statute with regards to method, form, and time to serve.