Using eGreenies2

eGreenies allows you to view all of your completed notices (including preliminary notices, notice of intent to lien, pre lien notice and notice of completion) within hours after they are served and/or recorded. This program may be accessed by any authorized CRM Open Account holder, with a current CRM Service Agreement on file with CRM.

CAUTION: eGreenies works with most current BROWSERS, IE11 for PC, SAFARI for MAC, and Google Chrome for a Multiplatform Operating System. However, you must set your BROWSER PREFERENCES to ALLOW POP UP WINDOWS for this website and the most current version of Javascript must be active. BROWSERS usually have a PREFERENCES option in their File Menu.

In order to PRINT or SAVE the .pdf copy of your notices, you will need to have a PDF Viewer installed with your BROWSER. These are always a FREE downloadable PLUG-IN. However, your BROWSER may not have these installed which will require you to visit the appropriate support site for the BROWSER you are using and enter the following in their search option box: ” view and print .pdf files with <insert name of browser>”.

While most BROWSERS work well with eGreenies, GOOGLE CHROME is the only BROWSER which works well on almost any operating system. ie: Windows, Mac, etc.

eGreenies is updated daily at 10:00 AM Pacific Time.

You may experience an interrupted session should you attempt to use eGreenies while it is being updated. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The following is brief guide on how to use eGreenies:


Access eGreenies:

Click on this image from anyplace on this website to access our INSTANT WEB PUBLISHING database home page.


Secured Access Login:

On the next screen enter your Account Name and Password:

  1. Account Number = Your CRM Lien Services Account Number
  2. Password = Your CRM Account Password
  3. Click the Login Button

Please note: Your CRM secured Password is case sensitive


Find your Notice:

Once inside eGreenies you will be prompted to enter information to retrieve your document(s). You may enter your Customers Name, The Name of the Construction Project, Your Document Reference Number, or any combination of search criteria provided in the Find Screen.

Hint #1: To find all of your completed notices enter your CRM account number in the appropriate field and choose the find button.
Hint #2: Less is always better. Just enter the first word of your customers name or the main word which describes the Construction Project.

Once you enter your search criteria, select the “FIND” button to execute the search.

You may then select any of these navigation buttons to VIEW, PRINT, REPORT,or TRACK the status of your notice.

When your ready to enter a new search, select the “CLEAR” button and repeat the process.

Please note: Your “Active Session” with our eGreenies database will automatically time out after 3 minutes of being idol. To begin a new “Session” select the “Customer Login eGreenies” and follow these guidelines.