Notice of Completion Request

To formally declare the exact date the project declared in your Commencement Notice or Building Permit has been completed. Also used as a notice of Termination. Must be recorded
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Name of the person at your company who has requested a Notice of Completion
  • The Title of the person who is requesting the Notice of Completion
  • Company Information

    The following is the REAL PROPERTY which my company has contracted directly with the Property Owner, or their Agent:
  • My Company: My First Name
  • My Company: My Last Name
  • My Company: Contact eMail
  • My Company: Name
  • My Company: Street Address
  • My Company: PO Box, Suite #
  • My Company: Building Reference, Floor, Attn:
  • My Company: City
  • My Company: State
  • My Company: ZIP
  • My Company: Main Phone Number
  • My Company: Main FAX Number
  • Project Information

    The following is the project information for the Real Property being improved or to be improved and referenced in this Notice:
  • Project Name or Identification
  • Project: Contact First Name
  • Project: Contact Last Name
  • Project: Street Address
  • Project: PO Box, Suite #
  • Project: Building Reference, Floor, Attn:
  • Project: City
  • Project: State
  • Project: ZIP
  • Project: Phone
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • The "Punch List" of items remaining to be competed which do not compromise the filing of a Completion Notice
  • Property Owner #1 Information

    The following is the Property Owner #1 information
  • Property Owner #1: Company Name
  • Property Owner #1: Contact First Name
  • Property Owner #1: Contact Last Name
  • Property Owner #1:eMail
  • How is Property Owner #1 Interest in this property identified on Title?
  • Property Owner #1: Street Address
  • Property Owner #1: PO Box, Suite #
  • Property Owner #1: Building Reference, Floor, Attn:
  • Property Owner #1: City
  • Property Owner #1: State
  • Property Owner #1: ZIP
  • Property Owner #1: Main Phone
  • Property Owner #1: FAX
  • Property Owner's Agent Information

    The following is the Property Owner's Agent for Service:
  • Agent: Contact First Name
  • Agent: Contact Last Name
  • Title of Owner's Agent for this project
  • Agent: Contact eMail
  • Agent: Street Address
  • Agent: PO Box, Suite #
  • Agent: Building Reference, Floor, Attn:
  • Agent: City
  • Agent: State
  • Agent: ZIP
  • Agent: Main Phone
  • Agent: FAX
  • Property Owner's Designated Recipient Information

    The following is the Property Owner's Designated Recipient for Lien Notices:
  • Designee: Contact First Name
  • Designee: Contact Last Name
  • Title of Designated Representative or Agent of Owner
  • Designee: Contact eMail
  • Designee: Street Address
  • Designee: PO Box, Suite #
  • Designee: Building Reference, Floor, Attn:
  • Designee: City
  • Designee: State
  • Designee: ZIP
  • Designee: Phone
  • Designee: FAX
  • Project Participants

    The following Names and Addresses are those who have establish a valid "Right to Lien" for this project and must be notified of the Notice of Completion.
  • List provide the name and address of all participants who may have established a valid Lien Right for this project
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