Other Services

In addition to the statutory notices required to establish and protect your lien rights, CRM offers a variety of effective tools for securing your job related accounts receivables and getting paid faster. Please choose from:


Need to know if a document has been recorded? Liens, Releases, Notice of Completion, Trust Deeds, Change of Ownership, etc. CRM can perform a detailed search on any property based upon Grantor or Grantee information. Just select our Recorders Search option and let CRM track it down for you.


(Who is listed as the true Owner of the Real Property of the job where you are providing materials or supplies)

Need this information to support a Lien, or verify your contract or order information is accurate? Let CRM perform TITLE SEARCH for the property and send you a complete report which includes accurate vesting, type of property, nature of owner, and more. This will allow you to move forward with confidence that any of your potential job related accounts receivable collections concerns are directed to the entity who MUST be notified when resorting to the Lien Laws to secure your exposed accounts receivable.


Would you like to receive an email with a copy of your served notice, complete with all of the certified or return recipe tracking numbers? Want to receive this copy before any of the entities being served actually receive the formal notice? Select “eCopy” when you prepare your request. This is a free service for all CRM Open Account Customers.


Want to be made aware that your preliminary notice is about to expire? Want to know when you must serve the next notice or what action is needed before your Lien Rights are gone? Choose the eAlert option when ordering your notice and CRM will flag your notice and update you before your rights expire!

For more information on other services provided by CRM call 1-800-PRELIMS (773-5467) or visit our ContactUS