eAlert ONLY!

So what to do when you don’t need a formal notice,

prefer not to have a non statutory notice sent,

and find there is no need for any research to be done, therefore, a Verification Report is not necessary?

However, you want to keep tabs on a job so that you don’t miss the chance to file a lien if that is your best option to protect your open accounts on the project. You have two simple choices:

  1. Track it yourself and file a lien before the opportunity escapes. or
  2. Request an eAlert without any notice. Which at CRM is commonly called:

It is very easy to get this alert working for you. The key is to know, in addition to the basic information about your client and where your products are being used, the day you began or will begin to supply and . . . . . the day you will stop supplying, or at least an estimated as to how long you will continue to supply to the job.

Don’t risk your lien rights on projects in states who do not require a preliminary notice. Select the image above to order your eAlert ONLY! Today.