eAlert Select

The best way to keep your Lien Rights “Intact” and make certain you don’t miss the deadline for serving your next notice or taking the proper action. By choosing the eAlert Select option when ordering your Preliminary Notice, Notice to Owner, or any initial notice which is required to be served at or near the start of the project, CRM will send you a one time eMail Alert when your time to take the next action is near. Upon receipt of this eAlert  you may audit your jobsite accounts receivable to determine if any unpaid balance will require further Lien related action to continue to keep it secured. If the “Stop Date” included in the original notice request has changed, you may want to request a new eAlert by returning it to CRM with the revised “Stop Date”. CRM will index the new “Stop Date” to your original notice and send a new eAlert when you once again are nearing the time to request your next action.

Should the original “Stop Date” be firm, and you have open accounts receivable for this job, you will be provided with a link to request the next notice to be prepared by CRM. (Usually an intent to lien , a mechanics lien, Stop Payment Notice, or Bond Claim Notice). This will allow you a quick and easy means by which you can move forward with the next required action and not run the risk of loosing your lien rights.

If by chance you receive an eAlert and your jobsite accounts receivable have been paid in full, you may simply select the cancel action from the eAlert and it will be automatically closed by CRM.

For those who may have many notices in play during the month, CRM recommended eAlert Unlimited. This systems offers many more services and is recommend for those who have adds and changes to their job accounts and need to have an eAlert system that accommodates a dynamic project.