eAlerts Unlimited




CRM has overhauled it’s full feature “Preliminary Notice” Tracking Service (eAlerts with Reporting) to what is now known as:  “eAlerts Unlimited”. Designed to be the ultimate tool for keeping you updated with the most current status of your lien rights on a job by job basis. This new service is truly UNLIMITED for the life of your Preliminary Notice. It includes:

  • Unlimited Reporting on the status of your Preliminary Notice
  • Unlimited updates to your estimated “Stop Date”
  • Unlimited access to the CRM Document Processor managing your eAlert.
  • Unlimited Amendments to the Original Preliminary Notice

All this for an all inclusive, one time,  eAlert processing and management fee. With the eAlerts Unlimited option selected on your original Preliminary Notice Request, CRM will enroll your Preliminary Notice into the eAlerts Unlimited processing program and keep you updated:

Every time your lien rights are nearing a deadline

which requires action.

or, when you say: “UPDATE ME”


You won’t have to think about it. Just make a decision from the choices provided in your CRM eAlert Report, and let CRM do the rest. The eAlert Reporting stops when you say so! Makes no difference if the job last a day, or a year, or longer. CRM will include any amendments, updates, changes or revisions which may be needed to continue the effectiveness of your original Preliminary Notice.

If you are the person responsible to keep your company from falling victim to a lost lien rights, or a client who refuses to pay. eAlerts Unlimited is sure to make your accounts receivables collection life a whole lot easier.

The eAlerts Unlimited system is driven by the Stop Date or estimated Stop Date you provide when requesting a new notice, or verification. Most state statutes require that the action or next notice needed to advance your claim is indexed by the “Last Date of Supplying Labor or Materials” to the project or the “Completion Date” as witnessed by the filing of a Notice of Completion or Notice of Termination. When either of these dates are unknown by you at the time you request your initial notice, CRM uses a “Next Day” estimated to approximate your “Stop Date” for supplying labor or materials. Using the applicable next notice or action and the time triggers as detailed in the state statute, CRM will send you and eAlert Report  with a “Caution” or “Call to Action” for advancing the preparation and filing of your next notice. These reports will be scheduled to be sent when your “Estimated Stop Date” triggers a deadline Alarm within the eAlerts Unlimited system. However, with eAlerts Unlimited, you may request unlimited updated status reports for all or any of your open notices you have enrolled in the eAlerts Unlimited system.

CRM allows you to know exact time remaining before your Lien Rights are to expire and provides the opportunity to execute your request for the next notice using the verified information from your initially served notice.

If eAlerts Unlimited is more then you need to stay on top of your lien rights, CRM also offers eAlert Select. While not as all inclusive as eAlerts Unlimited, eAlert Select does provide a “One Time” eAlert at a very reduced fee. eAlert Select may be an option for you when you know up front that you will be providing services or materials at a single instance for the project and that no further orders are anticipated by your customer on a specific job.

eAlerts Unlimited will be available to ALL CRM Open Account Clients as of January 1, 2017. Should the New Year provide all of the growth that is anticipated by the current changes in our federal government, this may be a perfect time to take one more thing off your plate and start using eAlerts Unlimited as the new Year begins.

So what happens if I don’t need a first notice and I don’t want a verification report. But I still want to be made aware when I will need to serve my first notice even if my first notice is a mechanics lien? How can eAlert help me with this condition?

We use the tag line “eAlert Select” to identify the adding of a single eAlert along with your request for an initial notice. However, when a request for a notice is not being ordered and you still want the value of the eAlert Select. You may order “eAlert-ONLY!” It is a stand alone request for an eAlert and requires the same basic information that would be asked for an eAlert Select.

Here is a link to order your eAlert-ONLY!