eCopy . . . the fastest way to receive your served notice

This can really put you in a position of being well informed on the status of the notice and it can help prepare you for any questions your customers or your customer’s customer may have about your participation in the project. It is also a great way to manage your electronic job information should you want to save a copy of the served notice in a job folder.

Best of all, eCopy is “Free” , their are no additional charges to have CRM Lien Services send you an eCopy of your served notice. In addition, CRM will also send an eCopy to your customer in the event that they are in an RTO position where the law does not require they be served a formal notice. This can be a great benefit to you as it surely promotes Good Faith when you include your customer in your process loop.

If you would like to have an eCopy sent on any of your request, just select the eCopy option on the individual request form, and be sure to include a current email address for you and your client. If you prefer to make eCopy your primary method for receiving copies of your CRM Served Notices, just use our Contact Us form and tell us to flag your account for eCopy” exclusive.

For those whose in basket would be overflowing with eCopy emails due to the many notices served for you during any given business day, we recommend using “eGreenies2” our online client database which includes all of your current notices as well as a (2) Two Year history of every notice served for you by CRM. You may view, print, create reports and track actual delivery of your served notices using eGreenies2. Best of all, eGreenies2 is also another free service provided for all CRM Open Account Customers. Should you want to add the option of preparing Conditional, Unconditional, Progress (Partial) and Final, Waivers and Releases of your Lien Rights in addition to all of the processes made available to you in eGreenies2, we recommend our annual subscription based program: “eSystems“. This is a Full Service online application which allows for complete management of all of your served notices. eSystems includes; eRequest, eGreenies, eUser, and eRelease. These 4 modules are fully integrated and allow for the fastest and most efficient means of managing all of your CRM prepared notices.

For more information on eCopy, eGreenies2, eSystems or any of the options for receiving copies of your CRM prepared documents, please use the “Contact Us” form or our Live Chat option.