eSystems is an online “Construction Notice Management – Software Application”. It is available to all CRM “Open Account” clients who require a comprehensive document management application. eSystem consist of 4 primary modules:

  • eRequest
  • eGreenies
  • eRelease
  • eUser

The “eRelease” module provides the user with all of the benefits of ReleaseMaker, and then some.

For the sake of simplicity, you may prepare request for the notices you need CRM to prepare and serve, using “eRequest”. Once the notice is served by CRM, you may access a copy of the served notice, complete with all of the Certified Mail Tracking Numbers, by using “eGreenies”. You may also print, email, and prepare reports on all notices served by CRM for the past 24 months inside the “eGreenies” module. When you need to release your lien rights on any of the preliminary notices inside eGreenies, you may do so with a few simple keystrokes by accessing the “eRelease” module.

All of these management tools, plus the ability to assign up to 6 authorized users from your organization by using the “eUser” module are available in your annual subscription to our “eSystems” online Construction Notices Management Software Application.

To subscribe today, select the following link: eSystems Registration.