Verification Report Request

You have (3) options to help to make your job related accounts receivable less vulnerable to payment delays and potential loss:

#1  The best you can do, when the statute allows, is to have a Professionally Prepared Preliminary Notice (Pre Lien Notice) served at the time you start to provide materials, labor, or services to the project.

 #2  When the statute does not require a formal Preliminary Notice, you may opt to have a Professionally Prepared “Non Statutory” Preliminary Notice served at the time you start to provide materials, labor, or service to the project. However, this option is recommended only when your client will not become disenchanted at your decision to gather the information you may need to move to the next required notice. If you are unsure of their reaction to receiving a “Non Statutory” Preliminary Notice, we recommend.

Verify#3  A Verification Report. The same research and preparation to prepare a Preliminary Notice is performed. However, nothing is served. This provides you with the critical Verified Information you may need to advance your collections, without running the risk of compromising your relationship with your client.

You may request this by using the “Pre-Notices” pull down menu item or selecting “eRequest1” from the MY ACCOUNT option in the top right corner of this website.

You will need your Account Name(Number) and your Password to enter eRequest1. If you need to have this information sent to you by email please select Reset Login