Why CRM?

Here are primary benefits clients receive when they choose CRM Lien Services, Inc. to be their mechanics lien and related documents preparation service:

Serving All 50 States50states_img2

CRM Lien Services, Inc. offers lien service in all 50 states where state statutes do not require service to be performed by an attorney. Should your business require protecting your job related accounts receivable in more than one state, CRM is your experienced “One-Stop” solution.

Do you have multiple locations, branches, or you operate under several business names? CRM offers a monthly invoice reporting system which itemizes activity on a location by location basis and rolls all charges into a single corporate statement.

If you want a service with many years of experience servicing national organizations, if having the capability to structure the billing cycle and style to best accommodate your accounting system, CRM is a solid choice.

 Research and Verification

Their are many good reasons to use a lien service provider to prepare and serve your notice. However, the best reason is that the lien service provider will actually research the information needed to prepare the notice.

Simply taking your information and plugging it into a database is not the reason to pay a fee to have a document served.

You should insist that contact is made by the service with the entities that must be named in the notice and that at least one additional form of verification be used to validate the accuracy of the information.

While some states may be forgiving in the quality of the content included in the notice. Those notices that become apart of a recorded lien or a foreclosure lawsuit are scrutinized by the defense attorneys and any slight deviation is often used to attempt to discredit the notice and hence disqualify your lien. Only a service that employs a Research Process (Phone + Verification) system should be considered to service your notice requirements and CRM is just that service.

License and Insured

CRM is a licensed legal document notice preparation service headquartered in Brea, California.

CRM offers all customers the protection under a current “Professional Liability” insurance policy (errors and omissions)

For Maximum Protection you should insist on a service which is both licensed and insured.

Experienced Document Processors

When you trust your notice research and preparation to CRM you can be sure that you are working with the industry’s best. Our processors have many years of experience and are continually increasing their knowledge of the state statutes and the latest recording requirements.

CRM prides itself in preparing your preliminary lien notices in complete compliance with the latest state statutes as well as satisfying the stringent requirements of many Public Recording Offices. You can rest easy knowing that any telephone contact needed to be conducted to properly validate the information necessary for an accurate notice, is done by professionals who employ the highest level of ethics and customer care.

Experienced Processors take the guess work out of document processing. If you need a document preparation service that will not compromise your relationships with your important clients, CRM does not disappoint.

Specializing in the preparation and serving of Mechanic’s/Construction Liens and related documents

The CRM business model is based upon specializing in a very specific discipline.

That discipline is to prepare and serve Mechanic’s Lien and/or Construction Lien related notices.

We are not a credit reporting agency, we do not practice law, we have no other diversion for our staff other than our primary offering.
Specializing in Mechanics Lien and related documents is our only focus.

For over 25 years CRM has kept this very specific business model in place with one sole focus:

“Being the most accomplished Mechanic’s/Construction Lien Service in the Country”

As a single focused organization, the staff at CRM continues to grow in their expertise in this industry and they have become true value-added resources for our clients. Anytime you call CRM, you will speak with a real professional who is both knowledgeable and accomplished in the preparation and serving of all the notices we offer.

If you want to work with a knowledgeable partner, who believes in specializing in a focused business discipline, look no further than CRM Lien Services, Inc.

A Fair and All-Inclusive Fee Base

The CRM Fee Schedule is not available online for many reasons.

We believe that we charge our clients a fair and very competitive fee for the quality of the service we provide.

Our fee for a regular (served within 5 business days) preliminary notice includes all the research, verification, processing and serving cost and all certified mail postage is included in the unit price.

If you would like to receive our current fee schedule via email, just select the Open a New Account option from the drop down menu and we will email you a complete proposal for our service which includes the fee schedule.

Client-Driven Service Options

Choose your preferred service options. Working with CRM could not be easier. We will accept your request in the format that works best for you.

If you just want to write your CRM account number on your in-house work order and FAX it to us, please do so. Or you may use our onLine request forms, CRM Word Templates, CRM preprinted FAX forms, or our online applications: eRequest1, eGreenies2. and eSystems.

You decide the process. After all, using a service should be more about service and less about restrictions.

Our goal is to make your life easier. Need a customized service interface? Just ask. Chances are we can offer an interface option that works seamlessly with your in-house computer driven process.

For years CRM has offered the service options that best suits our clients’ preferences.

The CRM “Triple Check” Quality Control SystemVerify

Designed after the ISO9000 quality standards, the CRM Triple Check system requires that each preliminary lien notice be reviewed by three authorized CRM Quality Control Inspectors each from different work groups within CRM. This auditing and reviewing process allow for anomalies in the lien preparation process to be addressed and edited prior to the final preparation of your document and allows you a greater degree of assurance that your preliminary notices are served with the highest possible level of accuracy.

The CRM Triple Check Quality Control system is your way to be certain that your preliminary notices receive a minimum of three quality control inspections prior to being served.

ServedSame Day eCopy or Next Day “OnLine” availability of your served notices

CRM accounts may enjoy the benefit of receiving an exact replicate of the served notice at the same time the notice is received by the USPS for delivery. Just select the eCopy” option and include your email address with your request.

For those who prefer not to receive an email with a copy of your served notice. Please choose eGreenies2 for viewing or printing your served preliminary notices the day after they are served. By selecting Client Login, CRM clients are directed to eGreenies2, a proprietary online database which hosts their served documents. Just enter your CRM account number and password, and you have 24 hour access to your most recent as well as the last 24 months of your notices served by CRM. Search your preliminary notices, run reports, track delivery of notices, print copies for your jobsite receivables, all these features are available to all clients with establish CRM accounts in good standing. With CRM’s eGreenie2 service, your served notices are available to you usually before the hard copies are received by those named in the notice. A great feature if you want your people to be prepared for any questions you may be asked about the served notice.

Inhouse Owner/Management

The Principles of CRM are at the helm of the Daily Processing of all your documents.

They are dedicated to maintaining the quality control standards that make CRM prepared documents the most accurate and thoroughly prepared documents available for protecting and enforcing your Lien Rights.

Decision makers are available at all times to allow CRM customers an open conduit for any questions and concerns regarding the documents prepared or the lien process in general.

The owners of CRM work side by side with professional processors. CRM offers a committed management style that continues to make the customer our first priority.