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“Thank you once again for you going above and beyond to help me find the information requested today for this customer of ours, it truly is hard to find awesome customer service and today that’s exactly what you did for me by looking like a crossword puzzle and helping me find what I needed, I honestly wish there were more people like you in our field of work” – Jennifer – Zodiac Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.

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Feeling the Cash Squeeze? Preliminary Notices Will Help You Get Paid Faster Lately we have noticed that many of our material supplier clients and smaller subcontractors are having problems with prompt payments of invoices. Material suppliers, who are lowest on the payment totem pole, seem to be getting hit the hardest, and can be viewed as the “canary in the coal mine.” If a contractor is having cash flow problems, the contractor will pay staff and field workers before suppliers. That leaves the material supplier, who has often paid for materials, in a difficult position.Prelim

To make matters worse, this uptick in aging accounts receivable is connected to a second trend we’ve observed: complacency by contractors and suppliers in serving preliminary notices on jobs for which they furnish labor or materials. The preliminary notice is the necessary foundation to protecting a supplier or contractor’s rights to be paid, and must be sent within 20 days of first providing labor and/or materials. But it is shocking how often we are told that clients have neglected to send a preliminary notice. If you have no preliminary notice, you have no lien rights, stop notice rights, or bond claim rights. The result can be catastrophic—if your customer cannot pay you, you will have no one else to turn to.

A supplier or contractor should consider a preliminary notice to be as necessary as insurance purchased for the company because without it, you may find you cannot pay other bills. A good preliminary notice service will take care of preliminary notices for a contractor or material supplier at a very reasonable cost, and will stand behind its work. In Southern California, we highly recommend CRM Lien Service, a leader in the field of preliminary notice services.

Accounts receivable management requires discipline. Follow-up with aging accounts, establish strict rules and follow them, and most importantly, make sure you have served your preliminary notice so you do not lose your mechanics lien rights!

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James Wakefield

Sepulveda Building Materials Gets an Extreme Makeover with CRM Lien Services, Inc.

SepulvedaSince 1960, Sepulveda Building Materials has been the premier masonry and landscape rock dealer supplying quality products to builders, contractors and the public throughout Southern California. With their distinctive landscape rock from over 40 quarries, Sepulveda brings new home and home improvement to a new level. This family owned business is comprised of five retail outlets, an online web store, and over a hundred dedicated employees. Sepulveda is prospering to fulfill its mission to exceed customers’ needs for masonry, tile, and related products with exceptional service and competitive prices.

Phase 1 – Facing the facts
As a company providing materials to hundreds of construction jobs at any given time, Sepulveda protects all of their job site accounts receivables with prelims. Due to the time and experience required to file a preliminary notice, Sepulveda engages a prelim and lien processing service provider to help them complete this important task. Over four years ago, their credit department uncovered some challenges with their current preliminary notice service provider including delayed prelim filing and incomplete research resulting in exposed assets that ultimately led to lost revenue. Sepulveda found themselves order multiple prelims on a weekly basis however, the preliminary notice service provider would sit on the orders 80% of the time. When the service provider did deliver the documents Sepulveda found that they were not completed correctly leaving them unprotected. Read more…

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“Deciding to work with CRM Lien Services, Inc was one of the best decisions for our company. From expediting documents when I need them to the expertise and knowledge they have, I truly love having them as our service provider. I’ve experienced nothing but extreme courtesy and professionalism from everyone on their staff and appreciate the personalized reports, special accommodations for my needs and overall excellent service. CRM has impressed me by the way they are able to obtain the correct information for my prelims, mechanics liens and all other construction documents. I know that CRM has many customers but they make me feel like I am their only one. I trust them and know that they have my companies back at all times. I consider CRM a trusted business partner and would highly recommend them!” -Gevork Nadzharyan, AR Manager, GPFS, INC.

“Thank you for serving the industries that build America so well……we appreciate your service.” -Debbie Sullivan, President, SWC

“I just had to send you this to let you know that you have a great staff working for CRM.  Your team is one of the most knowledgeable, helpful & caring group of people I get to deal with. They are always ready to help me with any of my questions and really take the extra steps to make sure I get taken care of.” -Gabriel Mele, Credit & Collection Manager, Doka