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Preliminary Notice and Mechanics Lien Services For Contractors and Suppliers In All 50 States

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Mechanics Lien Services Peace Of Mind

Are you tired of worrying about late payments?

Is the process of preparing pre-liens bogging you down?

Do you want to know for certain that you are doing it right?

Do you desire to grow your business, but are worried about extending credit to new customers?

Have you wasted time and money on a lien service that makes errors and serves invalid notices?

Are you looking for Mechanics Lien Experts to guide you and do all the heavy lifting for you?

Are you overpaying for your preliminary notices and liens with a large monthly or yearly subscription?

Why contractors and suppliers love working with us

You save time

Our system is simple and easy to use. You can submit a request for a notice in 5 minutes or less so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Your risk is lowered

Construction is a risky business. Being able to lower your risk with a tried-and-true method like pre-liens and Mechanics liens will allow you to grow your business with peace of mind that you are protected.

You get paid

Construction Notices served by our team of experts will speed up your payment cycle and give you options if the project goes belly up.

You feel confident

No more worrying about late payments. No more stress about preparing construction notices on your own. You can be confident that you are getting it done the right way.

We understand the risk of doing business in the Construction Industry

We know the risk that contractors and suppliers face. Unfortunately, business can’t be done on a handshake anymore. You need options to get paid when complications arise or the contract falls through. Since 1984, we’ve helped thousands of construction companies lower their risk and get paid more reliably. 

Serving 5,000 customers across the United States

More than 500,000 Preliminary Notices processed

Prepared and filed 17,000+ Mechanics Liens

Over 35 years of experience

Preliminary Notice Lower Your Risk

3 steps to get covered and get paid

Order A Notice

Order the notice you need in 5 minutes or less with our online request form. Click the submit button, and just like that, you're on your way.

We do all the work

Sit back. Relax. We'll do all the work to research, verify, prepare, and serve the notice so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Get Covered and Get Paid

With a valid notice served by the experts, you can have confidence that your rights are protected and your payments are secure. Peace of mind feels good, doesn't it?

Get peace of mind
that your payments are protected

At CRM Lien Services, we know that you want to be confident that you’ll get paid for the work you do. In order to do that, you need your payments to be predictable and reliable – 100% of the time. 

The problem is that the construction industry has heightened risk – even the best contracts and client relationships cannot fully protect you – which makes you feel worried and vulnerable. We believe you should get paid for the work you do and you shouldn’t have to worry about your payments.

We understand the risk you are facing which is why we have been helping hundreds of companies like yours get paid for the past 35 years. We have a proven process of preparing Preliminary Notices and Mechanics Liens that ensures accuracy, completeness, and compliance with the State Statutes. We have a team of document processing professionals who research, verify, prepare, serve and file every notice with the highest level of care.

Here’s how we help you get covered:

  1. Order a notice.
  2. We’ll do the work.
  3. You get covered and get paid.

So, order a notice today, so you can stop worrying about late payments and instead have confidence that your payments are secured.

Mechanics Lien Guide

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