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Preliminary Notice

For most projects, the Preliminary Notice is the key first step to establishing lien rights. Also known as Prelim, Notice to Owner, Notice to Contractor, Notice of Right to Lien, and Notice of Furnishing.

Mechanics Lien

Mechanics Liens were created to protect contractors and suppliers by securing the funds of unpaid invoices against the value of real property. Liens are the most effective tool to getting paid quickly on private jobs.

Verification Report

We take all the steps of preparing a Prelim, without serving the notice, so you are prepared should the project be compromised. An effective resource to gain valuable info and minimize credit risk.

Additional Services

Everything you need to secure your right to lien

Notice of Non Payment

Notice of Non-Payment

Also known as Notice of Unpaid Balance. This notice is used in several states (I.E. Texas, New Jersey) as a prerequisite for claiming a lien. It informs all necessary parties of the unpaid balance due for labor, materials or services.

intent to lien

Notice of Intent to Lien

Several states require that an Intent to Lien be served prior to Claiming a Lien. The intent requires similar preparation as a Lien, however, the notice is not recorded against “Title” and therefore does not encumber the property.

release of lien

Release of Lien

This notice is used to have a previously recorded Lien, Bond Claim, or Stop Notice released. Some states may require releases to be signed and recorded in order to complete the release process.

demand letter

Demand Letter

In many cases, a Demand Letter can be an effective interim step prior to filing a lien. This letter provides a 30 day window for your customer to provide payment or to dispute the non-payment.

stop notice

Stop Notice

This notice is used in a few states such as California and Arizona. The notice effectively freezes funds on a project until the claimant is paid.

bond claim notice

Bond Claim Notice

When working on a Public Job and with an unpaid balance, filing a Bond Claim is the most effective way to get paid. The Bond Claim process is similar to that of a Mechanics Lien on a private project.

Notice of Non Responsibility

Notice of Non-Responsibility

Protects the liability of Property Owner’s for non-payment for services done to improve the property. This notice must be prepared, recorded and posted on the property being improved.

Notice of Commencement

Notice of Commencement

Formally sets the beginning date of a project. Several states (such as Florida and Ohio) require this notice prior to construction starting.

Notice of Completion

Notice of Completion

A recorded document that formally declares the end date of the project. This notice can greatly shorten the deadline of filing a Lien.

Preliminary Notice California

eAlert Notifications

The most common way people lose lien rights is by missing the deadline to claim a lien or bond. eAlert is a service that will notify you when it is time to take the next step so your lien rights are secured.