Notice of Non Responsibility – Who is Responsible?

The Notice of Non Responsibility is a multi step process which includes:

  1. Research and Prepare
  2. Review, Approval, and Return of the prepared Notice by the Client
  3. Deliver to the appropriate Recorder’s Office for Recordation
  4. Recordation with Conforming Copies
  5. Delivery of the executed Notice of Non Responsibility to the property
  6. Posting the Notice of Non Responsibility in a compliant location
  7. Recording “Proof of the Posted Notice of Non Responsibility”

We refer to the above as a TurnKey process when you elect to have CRM complete all 7 steps. However, as this can be a very costly endeavor, CRM offers our clients to pick and choose which of the above steps they may want to complete on their own, allowing CRM to facilitate the remaining processes.

So how much will the Notice of Non Responsibility Service cost?

Lets examine each of the steps to get an idea of how the Notice of Non Responsibility is created and made compliant with the Statute;

First and foremost is the fee to research and prepare a Notice of Non Responsibility.

Who is responsible for defending against a mechanics lien?


CRM charges a flat rate fee of $95.00 for this service. This fee is not subject to any discounts as the individual cost to do the work for 1 notice or 100 notices do not change. Every time a Notice of Non Responsibility is ordered the process is the same. There are no shortcuts and no economy of scale.

The Notice of Non Responsibility must be recorded in the Recorder’s Office for the County where the property is located. So the next service to consider is how you want to have the Notice of Non Responsibility sent to the County Recorder’s Office for recordation. This can be accomplished by Certified Mail, FedEx, or Courier. So here the choice can be anywhere from $5.00 to $240.00 per notice (or batch of Notices) depending on the location of the Recorder’s Office and the available options to submit your notice for recording. Allowing ample time for recording in remote areas is suggested.

In addition to your preference as to “How to send it to the Recorder’s Office” you must also include the fee for Recording the Document. Every Recorder charges a different fee for this service. We have seen some as low as $8.00 per page while others can range in the $30.00 plus area. Neither CRM nor anyone else has control over these costs. They are dictated by the Recorder’s Office and everyone is charged the same fee.

Your final decision in the Notice of Non Responsibility process is how you want to have the notice posted on the building. This is a critical part of the service and cannot be left undone. However, here is an area where you could save some money by considering several strategies. The most economical is for you to have one of your On Site agents post your own notices. While this would surely eliminate receiving a posting charge from CRM, it is not always the preference of our clients. Often the On-Site agent is not that close to the building and the posting activity can really take away from his or her daily responsibilities. The other issue we usually see is that your agent may not be familiar with the laws that govern the posting requirement and could cause misunderstanding between the Tenant and the person do the posting. However, if you truly want to minimize this cost, posting your own is definitely an option to consider.

If you prefer to have CRM handle the posting for you, it is possible to save by consolidating posting activities. When you have multiple notices to post at the same property CRM can batch those notices which are still within the legal timeframe for serving and have all posted during a single trip to the property. As the posting service represents the largest cost in the Notice of Non Responsibility process, we want our clients to consider all of their options. CRM will take care of this service for you. However, because of the scheduling, travel, and cost of having an experienced and knowledgeable agent perform this service, it becomes a very expensive part of the process and should be considered with a complete understanding and awareness of the cost involved to facilitate a successful posting.

So to help simplify the Posting Cost Estimating Process, CRM charges $95.00 per hour for posting a single Notice of Non Responsibility. This usually averages about $190.00 or 2 hours for each notice that we post. This fee includes the labor and the transportation to and from our Brea offices to the property where the notice must be posted. It also includes taking digital photos of the posted notices, which serve as proof that the posting was in fact completed. One thing you may count on is that CRM has carefully selected the couriers we use. Their fees are fair based on the quality of service they perform as well as their understanding of the nature of the work and their dependability. Not all couriers are the same. We found that we can only use those who are truly professional in their business model and the people they employee. It is possible to save money with a lower cost courier. However, when you consider the serious nature of the Notice of Non Responsibility, we found that it does not pay to compromise this activity for the sake of a few dollars.
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